What exactly is Everything Everywhere All At Once about? And what does it teach us about life, depression, and nihilism?
Are we doomed? Are AIs uncontrollable? Yeah. AGI alignment is probably hopeless.

February 2023

This is not a Bing freak-out post. Large Language Models can reach human-level general intelligence via in-session training.

January 2023

An international student's reflection.

December 2022

People love binge-watching sad films. They are almost addictive. Why?

November 2022

My takes on some very meta-questions and a possible answer for people finding meaning or suffering nihilistic dread.
Border, cyberborder, and the angry social contract theorists.
Are you morally obligated to do what you believe to be right? No.

October 2022

Accelerationist state capitalism is literally the perfect system for longtermism---ridiculing and objecting to longtermism.

September 2022

Sometimes, cultures evolve certain beliefs not because they are correct but because of the placebo effect, the self-fulfilling prophecy, and...

August 2022

Why the oldest child inherit most of the parents' property in many cultures
Voters are more likely to perceive Democrats as the Establishment. So, when the system stops functioning, Democrats are easily scapegoated.